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Instead of exhausting yourself trying to research the best nutrition and fitness education, putting pages and pages of content together, and building your resource library from scratch, let us take the weight off for you with our white label handbooks.


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  1. Instantly coach clients at any level, anywhere in the world
  2. Feel more confident in your offer and your rates because you’re providing top tier education and workouts that deliver results
  3. Get precious time back in your business to focus more on coaching and making an impact
  4. Improve client adherence and retention so that everyone you work with achieves life-changing transformation
  5. Watch your referrals and word of mouth business skyrocket when clients receive these elite level value adds and workouts

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Want to see what one of our eBook resources looks like in action before committing to the purchase? You're a smart buyer, we totally get it. Check out this mini 4-page demo of our macro tracking guide!

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You will be able to keep the guides forever so you can build out your Master Resource Database for lifelong use.

You will also receive a free loom training on Canva which will show you how to edit and implement these documents.


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Your purchase indicates that you agree to the program Terms of Use, which specifies that the PDF's themselves cannot be resold for profit and are only meant to be given to your paying 1:1 coaching clients.




Optimize your coaching efficiency while supporting your clients by organizing helpful information about your program into a comprehensive handbook designed to help you and your client's fitness journey. A client handbook is an effective tool to consolidate useful information, deliver templates, and offer supplemental information to help your clients get the most out of your program and their coaching experience. What's included:


  • Client communication and expectations
  • Client check-in templates and procedures
  • Tips on travel, shift work, and gut health
  • Supplement and sleep hygiene education
  • Tons of additional educational support and tips to empower your clients and optimize their results

Macro Tracking and

Nutrition Guide


Navigating nutrition is commonly the hardest obstacle to conquer for most clients. Ease the overwhelm, educate your client, and exceed your client's expectations by providing a consolidated handbook filled with macronutrient education, helpful tutorials, and nutrition inspiration that will help them become macro-tracking experts. What's included:


  • Macro nutrient basics and methodologies
  • How to use MyFitnessPal and track common food examples
  • Easy breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner examples
  • Tons of additional tips on tracking meals out, grocery shopping, meal prepping, and hitting protein targets.




Weightlifting with proper form is just one piece of what it takes to be successful when it comes to weight training. This guide provides education on terminology that may come up in your clients programming as well as how to ensure they are training adequately for their goals. What's included:


  • Terminology

  • Progressive overload concepts

  • Measuring intensity

  • Tons of additional tips on cardio and recovery




Provide next-level education to help your clients understand how to properly use and engage their core so that they can optimize their lifts. This guide comes with embedded video links that cover finding a neutral posture, diaphragmatic breathing, diaphragmatic- core engagement breathing, and core engagement in practice. What's included:


  • Core muscle education
  • How to properly practice diaphragmatic breathing techniques
  • How to wear and use a lifting belt
  • Tons of additional tips and core exercises based on difficulty, target area, and core action

Warm Up and Mobility



Keep your clients safe and optimize results with education on how to properly prime and mobilize their bodies in preparation for training. What's included:


  • Education on the importance of warming up
  • Detailed steps & education on how to properly warm up
  • Example warm ups for upper/lower body days
  • Tons of additional safety tips & education on use of guide




Stretching is key when it comes to having a well rounded fitness routine. Help your clients improve their recovery, flexibility and long term health with this stretching guide. What’s included:


  • Importance of stretching
  • Various dynamic & static stretches with detailed descriptions
  • Step-by-step picture tutorials
  • Tons of additional stretch ideas for specific body parts

120 Macro-

Friendly Recipes


We understand everyone starts somewhere. Do less while providing more to your clients by offering 24 weeks of macro-friendly menus valued at $18,000 (between hiring a professional recipe developer and graphic design fees) for just $347. What's included:


  • 120 recipes curated by a professional recipe developer and pre-logged into My Fitness Pal for your clients
  • Weekly menus include breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, and sweet treat
  • Vegan, vegetarian gluten-free, and dairy-free substitutes to accommodate a variety of lifestyles
  • Confidently stay within scope of practice and have peace of mind with Dietitian approved recipes




Navigating the holidays while on a health and fitness journey is no easy feat! A dedicated handbook filled with education, tips, recipes, and workouts is the key to your clients crushing their goals while enjoying the holiday season! What's included:


  • Table of contents for easy navigation
  • Holiday recipes with macro breakdowns
  • Meal hacks & strategies
  • Easy, on-the-go workouts
  • Tips for stress-free success & emotional support

Bundle them for even more value

Starter Bundle

Includes the Client Handbook, Macro Guide and Weightlifting Guide


(Save $175)

Advanced Bundle

Includes the Client handbook and ALL eBook guides


(Save $623)

Purchase our Ready Made Workouts

Professional workout programming written by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Exercise Physiologists so you can focus on what really matters: client check-ins & support. Available in 3, 6, 9, and 12-month bundles.

What's included in every month:

  • 3-day Home Dumbbell Only
  • 3-day Gym
  • 4-day Home Dumbbell Only
  • 4-day Gym Intermediate
  • 4-day Gym Advanced
  • 5-day Home Dumbbell Only
  • 5-day Gym Intermediate
  • 5-day Gym Advanced
  • Trainerize upload tutorial video


BONUS: We’ll throw in free Travel Workouts for clients (Bands + Bodyweight Only) so you never have to write extra workouts when they’re on the go!


  • Available for Gym based programs or At Home Dumbbell Only (you get both in every bundle)
  • Usable as google drive links, PDFs, or can be input into all training softwares including Trainerize, True Coach, Fit Coach Pro, etc.
  • Each workout includes: 5-7 exercises in average, any relevant notes, sets, reps, rest time, intensity level as RIR (reps in reserve)
  • All workouts adhere to evidence-based guidelines for volume, exercise selection (compounds vs accessories, and ordering of these), and intensities for results
  • Can help your clients achieve
    • Muscle building
    • Body recomposition
    • Improved core strength
    • Hypertrophy
    • Improved mobility
    • Progressive Overload
    • PRs
    • Endless progress as they advance from Beginner, Intermediate, to Advanced programming

3-Month Programming


6-Month Programming


9-Month Programming


12-Month Programming


Frequently asked questions

Q: Will these guides say they are property of DLDNation?


A: No, we have removed all DLDNation branding and logos and you can label them using your own company or team name.


Q: What if I want to change one/some of the pages in the ebooks?


A: They are fully editable and you can add/change/remove anything you like at any time.


Q: Can I sell these on my website to non-clients?


A: No, you cannot. These guides can be utilized endlessly as part of your one:one coaching packages but the PDFs themselves cannot be sold individually for profit.


Q: What if I don't know how to use Canva? Can I still use these ebooks?


A: No problem! We will provide a free Loom tutorial on Canva basics, how to use and how to make edits.


Q: Does my access expire at any time?


A: Sure doesn’t! These are yours forever


Q: What if I have a question about one of the ebooks/workouts after I purchase?


A: Ask away! We’re here for anything you need at: ofnc@dldnation.com


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