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"I have lost about 10lbs in a sustainable manner! Sean is truly amazing.

Knowing that such genuine people want to help you and are there for you is the best feeling. They teach you, support you and push you to be a better you. I'm obsessed and love these humans."

Erin Embrey, Online Coaching Client With Head Coach Dala

"I was able to create a more healthy relationship with food, I grew a bunch of muscle, gained a lot of strength and pushed myself to do things I hadn’t even thought were possible.

Dala helped me shamelessly practice self-love, how to push my body AND how to recover and rebuild it. I would 1 million thousand % recommend her, or anyone on her team, as a coach to ANYONE looking to make improvements in their life. "

Florencia Sahaniuk, Online Coaching Client With Coach Sean

"Throughout the 4.5 months I gained muscle mass and confidence. I also lost 10+ lbs of fat.

I would absolutely recommend Dala to ANYONE at any level looking to improve their life and make health and fitness a priority. I absolutely love the entirety of DLDNation."

Ashlin Mahan, Online Coaching Client With Head Coach Dala

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