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Your purchase indicates that you agree to the program Terms of Use, which specifies that the PDF's themselves cannot be resold for profit and are only meant to be given to your paying 1:1 coaching clients.

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Upon purchase you will receive Canva links to guides and workouts you purchased. If you don't already have a Canva account, you can make one for free.

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Add your brand colors, fonts, and photos to make each document feel like one you created or simply add your company name and keep the rest it as is.

Step 3: WOW your clients

Send your polished, branded, and info packed PDF's to your clients, and watch your client satisfactory rise.

Discover the transformative power of white label products for your business

  1. Expertise: Take advantage of buying from expert-level coaches that are known for their elite education
  1. Faster scaling: Build and scale your business by establishing your brand and start reaching your ideal customer base faster
  1. No need for designing and developing: Our white labeling allows you to offer products and services without having to spend the time and money on developing them yourself
  1. Increasing client loyalty: Strengthen the loyalty of clients by offering dependable and satisfactory products, leading to increased client retention

White labeling allows you to stand on the shoulders of talented developers, provide your clients with excellent products, and maintain a high ROI, all under the name of your own brand.

Preview of the eBook resources

If you're interested in purchasing a white label eBook but want to see what it looks like in action before committing, you can check out a mini 4-page demo of the macro tracking guide. This will give you a better idea of what the resource entails and how it is customizable.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will these guides say they are property of DLDNation?


A: No, we have removed all DLDNation branding and logos and you can label them using your own company or team name.


Q: What if I want to change one/some of the pages in the ebooks?


A: They are fully editable and you can add/change/remove anything you like at any time.


Q: Can I sell these on my website to non-clients?


A: No, you cannot. These guides can be utilized endlessly as part of your one:one coaching packages but the PDFs themselves cannot be sold individually for profit.


Q: What if I don't know how to use Canva? Can I still use these ebooks?


A: No problem! We will provide a free Loom tutorial on Canva basics, how to use and how to make edits.


Q: Does my access expire at any time?


A: Sure doesn’t! These are yours forever


Q: What if I have a question about one of the ebooks/workouts after I purchase?


A: Ask away! We’re here for anything you need at:


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