Coach Madison

B.S. Exercise Science (GCSU), Exercise Phyiologist (ACSM-EP), Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS), Personal Trainer (NASM CPT), CFL Instructor (US Navy), Nutrition Coach (PN-L1), Nutrition & Metabolism Specialist (FNMS), Functional Movement (FMS Level 2), Prenatal and Postpartm Coaching (GGS CPPC), Online Fitness & Nutrition Specialist (DLD OFNC)

Hey y’all! I’m a coach and trainer, a military wife, and a dog momma! Although I’m a Georgia girl through and through, the Navy has us currently calling California home!

I found my love for health and fitness while in college studying Exercise Science. I initially graduated wanting to go on to further my education in Physical Therapy, so I starting working as a Rehabilitation Specialist in Chiropractic. Working one on one with clients in that practice, I began to write training programs for clients graduating from their rehab programs. Moving clients on from corrective exercise to training suddenly became my favorite part of the job, and soon turned into my career as a personal trainer and online coach!

I am now a certified Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Group Trainer, and Exercise Nutrition Coach. I also just recently became FMS & FCS certified after studying corrective exercise under some of the brightest names in functional movement, giving me the tools to combine my love for prehab and training.

I am so excited to join the team at DLDNation, to be able to help even more people reach their health and fitness goals! My mission as a coach is to help you achieve those goals in a way that is both sustainable and enjoyable, and to watch you flourish as you live out this journey with abundance, not restriction!