Coach Kerry

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Online Fitness & Nutrition Certification, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Pre and Postnatal Certification

Hello hello everyone! My name is Kerry and I'm stoked to be an assistant coach for DLD after having the privilege of being a client two times as well!

A little bit about me... I am from New York but will shortly be living in Los Angeles, California with my husband and our three cats who are all named after food. I am self-proclaimed cat lady for life! I studied German in college and received my BA in German Language and Literature in Long Island, NY. I am abig fan of basketball, weightligting, and searching for new vegan restaurants as I've been vegan for five years now.

My fitness journey began like many others, chasing looks and also battling low self-esteem. When I recognized the power of weights and proper nutriiton, the game was forever changed! Fun fact: Sumo deadlifts were the first lift I performed and remain a favorite lift ever.

I believe in a whole-person approach in helping my awesome clients meet their goals. I truly believe that sometimes all we need is that one person to support, empower us, and be our biggest cheerleader. I'm so excited to be that for you as I truly love what I do! :)