Coach Ari

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Online Fitness & Nutrition Certification

Hey DLD fam!

I'm Arianna, you're so welcome to call me Ari!

I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, and currently living in Austin, Texas. I have my Bachelor's degree in Statistical Science and a minor in Health and Physiology. I am certified through NASM and OFNC.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer, which gave me my love for movement. When I left swimming, I knew I wanted to continue being active. I started off with barre classes, then dabbled with HITT style training, and finally found myself in the weights section at the gym -- and I absolutely fell in love with lifting. There is nothing like the feeling of empowerment that comes from lifting some heavy a** weights.

Through my Health & Physiology minor in college, I also fell in love with the nutrition side of things. I love educating clients on all things nutrition!

I've been on the DLD team as a client, and now I am SO very excited to be your DLD coach! I love fitness, and I love people, so naturally, helping people achieve their fitness goals is my dream come true. I cannot wait to be your coach, hype you up, and give you all the education along the way, and help you crush your goals!