Check out our amazing clients!

"Dala’s heart and mind are inclined toward YOUR success. Because of training with Dala for a full year, I was able to create a more healthy relationship with food, I grew a bunch of muscle, gained a lot of strength and pushed myself to do things I hadn’t even thought were possible."

-Erin Embrey, Online Personal Training With Head Coach Dala

"I’m still blown away to this day how much this team cares about you. Not only about your physical well-being, but about your mental state."

- Ixzamara, Online Personal Training With Coach Sean

"I HIGHLY recommend coaching. Sean is also more than a coach- he’s the definition of a true shaman for incorporating his wisdom and creating an environment that allows for the utmost personal and physical growth."

Megan Contreras, Online Personal Training with Coach Sean

"I came to DLD Nation about 3 months ago stuck in a bad place. I was having issues binge eating and was super unhappy with my physique. It was a no brainer to reach out for coaching. It was the best decision I ever made."

-Kathy Jones, Online Personal Training With Coach Sean

"I’ve lost over 6kg and am lifting more weights than I thought possible. I feel so empowered not only in my self confidence but also the knowledge I have gained especially regarding nutrition and the ways in which I can still eat chocolate, pasta and pizza without compromising my results. DLD has changed my life completely in such a short time."

- Tara Eccles, Online Personal Training With Coach Sean

"I’ve learned that this lifestyle takes a fuck ton of patience, consistency, persistence, and dedication! Having you both by my side through this journey made it 1000x easier though!"

Vanessa Schook, Online Personal Training with Coach Sean and Head Coach Dala

"I can happily say that because of working with DLD I love my body more than ever and I feel like I’m totally in control of my life and my happiness. I went from being a woman who was too scared to step inside of a gym to becoming a personal trainer myself."

-Monika Zeps, Online Personal Training With Head Coach Dala

"Working with Dala has been the best experience I have ever had in the fitness industry! I have had a few in person personal trainers and neither of them taught me as much as Dala had. My only regret is that I did not meet her in my twenties where I could start applying her #beanadult attitude/philosophy."

- Ashley Robertson, Online Personal Training With Head Coach Dala

"Working with Dala was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. She not only held me accountable for my goals, motivated me with weekly check-ins but was tremendous support during periods of plateaus. My fitness journey has not been linear by any means but Dala was that one constant. Her guidance and knowledge in health and nutrition has set me up for success as I continue towards my goals. I truly owe my transformation to her."

Kelsey Hall, Online Personal Training with Head Coach Dala