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"Dala’s heart and mind are inclined toward YOUR success. Because of training with Dala for a full year, I was able to create a more healthy relationship with food, I grew a bunch of muscle, gained a lot of strength and pushed myself to do things I hadn’t even thought were possible."

-Erin Embrey, Online Personal Training With Head Coach Dala

"I’m still blown away to this day how much this team cares about you. Not only about your physical well-being, but about your mental state."

- Ixzamara, Online Personal Training With Coach Sean

"I HIGHLY recommend coaching. Sean is also more than a coach- he’s the definition of a true shaman for incorporating his wisdom and creating an environment that allows for the utmost personal and physical growth."

Megan Contreras, Online Personal Training with Coach Sean

"Amanda is down to earth and SO relatable. She makes sure I get the answers I’m looking for while also pushing me and giving creative solutions. Amanda is completely non judgemental and the girls in the group help give solutions and encouragement. I’ve been with DLDNation for one week, down 5 pounds and so pumped to see where this journey takes me 🙌🏻"

-Kristin Kaschub

""What is it like to work with Jocelynn? I cant think of a better way to describer it other than amazing, wonderful, helpful, encouraging, the list could truly go on and on. I know we have only been working together a little less than two months, but the changes she has helped me create will last me a lifetime. I truly feel like not only do I have an amazing coach, but I also have a friend for life. She has helped me understand food, and understand my body more, how to fuel it, how to enjoy carbs (I used to be afraid of carbs), and just feel more like the woman I used to be. The woman I was before kids and before all the yo-yo dieting. I am truly so thankful for her. She is a rockstar. "

-Kathryn Orcutt

"Working with Kristy has been LIFE-CHANGING! She hypes you up no matter what and always points out the ways your excelling and improving!She doesn’t just answer your questions, she gives step-by-step detail and education and if for some reason you still don’t understand something she’ll go above and beyond to find a different way to explain it! She will encourage you, believe in you, challenge you, and push you to the point that eventually you start believing in yourself!!! She’s phenomenal!!!"

-Anessa Vargas

"I came to DLD Nation about 3 months ago stuck in a bad place. I was having issues binge eating and was super unhappy with my physique. It was a no brainer to reach out for coaching. It was the best decision I ever made."

-Kathy Jones, Online Personal Training With Coach Sean

"I’ve lost over 6kg and am lifting more weights than I thought possible. I feel so empowered not only in my self confidence but also the knowledge I have gained especially regarding nutrition and the ways in which I can still eat chocolate, pasta and pizza without compromising my results. DLD has changed my life completely in such a short time."

- Tara Eccles, Online Personal Training With Coach Sean

"I’ve learned that this lifestyle takes a fuck ton of patience, consistency, persistence, and dedication! Having you both by my side through this journey made it 1000x easier though!"

Vanessa Schook, Online Personal Training with Coach Sean and Head Coach Dala

"I can happily say that because of working with DLD I love my body more than ever and I feel like I’m totally in control of my life and my happiness. I went from being a woman who was too scared to step inside of a gym to becoming a personal trainer myself."

-Monika Zeps, Online Personal Training With Head Coach Dala

"Working with Dala has been the best experience I have ever had in the fitness industry! I have had a few in person personal trainers and neither of them taught me as much as Dala had. My only regret is that I did not meet her in my twenties where I could start applying her #beanadult attitude/philosophy."

- Ashley Robertson, Online Personal Training With Head Coach Dala

"Working with Dala was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. She not only held me accountable for my goals, motivated me with weekly check-ins but was tremendous support during periods of plateaus. My fitness journey has not been linear by any means but Dala was that one constant. Her guidance and knowledge in health and nutrition has set me up for success as I continue towards my goals. I truly owe my transformation to her."

Kelsey Hall, Online Personal Training with Head Coach Dala

"I joined DLD's 8 week challenge with at home workouts during quarantine. About 4 weeks in, I decided to sign up for one-on-one coaching-training and nutrition. Dala had the foresight to pair me with Maleah since I was recovered from surgery, coming off of hormonal birth control, and working to balance my hormones, adrenals and thyroid. Dala doesn't put people with coaches on a whim, I can tell you that! Maleah is the best, the absolute perfect fit for me. I was ready to take charge and get my health back. Maleah knew exactly where to start and has been there for me every step of the way. Her guidance is invaluable. I have never worked with a registered dietitian before, and I am thrilled that I have this opportunity. She makes you feel like you are her only client. She lifts you up at the perfect moments and pushes you to do better and be better exactly when you need it. Maleah always helps you focus on the positives and all your wins for the week, even when you can't see them, she does! Her knowledge on nutrition and what foods to eat for different ailments is incredible. I feel so much better mentally, emotionally, and physically since I have been working with her. I suffered for years unable to lose weight, I actually gained over 50 pounds in 18 months trying to find out what was going on. I slowly lost some after finding the root cause, but stalled out. With Maleah's guidance I have been able to lose another 10+ in just 9 weeks, which is huge! All of this as been done at home! I'm lifting heavy again and feeling so good about myself. My doctor is thrilled I am working with an RD and working to balance my hormones through diet and exercise naturally before looking into medication. This is by far the best investment I have ever made in myself. I already know I will be extended my 6 month commitment once it comes to an end. I love Dala, DLD, and Maleah so much. The support and empowerment from them and the women in my group chat are something I just can't see myself doing without."

-Margo B

"Working with Vanessa has been nothing but amazing. She genuinely cares about her clients health & does everything in her power to be there for you and guide you in the right direction. She is the biggest hype woman 🤪 but will also call you out on your bullshit which makes her an INCREDIBLE coach. No matter what she has going on in her life she always makes it a priority to make her clients feel loved and supported in every way possible. She doesn’t judge, or criticize you if you mess up or didn’t have a great week. She talks you through it, what you can do to be better for yourself & so on. Words can’t explain how much working with Vanessa has helped me in so many ways. She knows what she’s doing, is so knowledge & just overall such a caring person. She gives so much love & care towards her clients goals/struggles. She truly is one of a kind! You would be SO damn lucky to have her as your coach"

-Sydney Berg

"No words can truly express how great my experience was with Madison. I have a few limitations and she was quick to find an alternative way to do certain movements and even in some cases showed me that if I corrected my form it wouldn't hurt. What do you know a 28 year old learned she was doing simple movements wrong her whole life and never knew it. I was able to pick her brain and gain even more knowledge about the movements, what they do to my body not only visually from the outside but the inside as well. Soon after starting with Madison I found out I was pregnant. I was worried that I wasn't going to get the same workouts. I was wrong. Not only were the workouts just as great they were better. I was doing workouts that we're not only getting me into shape but also preparing me for labor. I love that she is so informed and continues to stretch that knowledge. Everything I learned from Madison were things I could continue to use and do even after we were done working together. Madison has a kind heart and you can tell she truly cares about every person she interacts with. I was definitely blessed to have her as my coach and trainer."

-Kristina Meena

"Working with Vanessa is like getting the life cheerleader you never knew you needed. When I first started working with Vanessa my body and I were playing tug of war. I wanted to get lean, feel strong, and be confident in my skin, but my body wanted to be fueled, well rested and feel taken care of. I had been dealing with anxiety, insomnia, and amenorrhea for a few months, and knew something needed to change. I’ve played sports my whole life and was used to being told to “push through the pain”, but my body was clearly tired of that narrative. Vanessa helped me address my anxiety, insomnia, and pull me out of a chronic dieting mindset So I could understand how to work with my body to reach my physique goals and maintain my overall. After a year of working together I’ve gotten closer to my physique goals while maintaining a positive relationship with my body. My perception of my health isn’t centered around how much I weigh, and she truly helped me see that. Vanessa is always there to help me see the bigger picture when I’m feeling discouraged, and to celebrate all of my little victories with me!"

-Michelle Albright

"Training with kristyyyy ... is like having a squad of cheerleaders following you around. She’s the biggest hype man, best supporter and just an overwhelming presence of joy.. which is an amazing thing to have when you’ve talked shit to yourself your whole life ! I have felt stuck in my weight loss journey for yearssss and Kristy has helped me reach a low I can’t even remember ever being. When i “slip” she’s there to remind me that I’m human, when I reach a milestone she’s there to tell me what a badass I am. Oh and also she’s jam packed with knowledge on everything you need to know about EVERYTHING on your journey. Every question I have she hits me with facts after facts after facts and never leaves me hanging. Get yo self a Kristy!!"

-Jenn Trevino

"Working with Vanessa has introduced a wealth of positives into my life beyond the physical. Her approach is wholistic, comes from her heart, and check-ins are filled with encouragement to reach for goals that she knows you can reach, even if you don’t believe it yet yourself. Ultimately, we each have to show up for ourselves, but having Vanessa in my corner continues to be one of the best decisions I’ve made."

-Mia Haiman

"The training goes far beyond what happens in the workouts or the gym and there have been multiple times Sean has helped apply any fixes or changes to my lifestyle. Even going so far as remembering the smallest details I would mention months prior (which shows they actually take the time to remember every aspect of check ins) and applying that to a lesson or challenge to help me constantly progress. This training, even on weeks that I wasn't very active, I have always felt I am progressing which goes to show the level of training this is. Sean has helped me learn that I have what it takes to take on this fitness journey!"

-Kevin Spier

"I signed up for DLD on Memorial Day after months and months of being unhappy with myself and comparing myself to others. While moving my wedding back 3 months was motivation to get in shape the literal disgust I felt when I looked in the mirror was much more. Working out wasn't foreign to me, I used to be a beast in the gym and I always felt like 2017 was my prime. No matter what I did I couldn't shed the extra weight and I was clueless about tracking macros or eating for certain goals. When I signed up for DLD I didn't know what I was going to do with my gym being closed due to Covid, but the at home workouts kicked my ass and the nutrition guidance and learning my macros from Maleah changed the entire game. I've only been a part of DLD for 2 months, and the way my body has responded is insane. I went from crying every time I tried clothes on to being able to wear whatever I want with confidence. My gym is back open and I feel like a baby beast in there all over again. Maleah is there for me whenever I need her whether I'm freaking out about wedding planning, have questions about food, or how to stay on track while off on a girls weekend. I've committed to 3 months of DLD but I already plan on adding 3 more. The workout and nutrition plans are spot on and fantastic but the community behind DLD is my favorite part of it all. I have a tribe behind me at all times hyping me up along with my coach and I don't regret investing in myself for a second. Super excited for my upcoming wedding and knowing that I'm going to look the way I wanted in my dress, but also super excited to continue this journey with Maleah and DLD."

-Jamie R

"Kristy, is my coach! She has been my coach for 6 months. Has it really been that long?? I guess time flies when you are enjoying what you are doing.

We started 2 weeks before everything shut down back in march. Let me be clear, My fitness journey is not a weight loss journey. My journey was to get stronger. And holey fuck, did I get strong, and not just physically. My mental gains have become unstoppable. I have always struggle with comparing myself to others and would say I'm not good enough. DLD and Kristy has changed that mentality. From a girl who would literally beat herself up for the smallest failure, to now embracing what her body achieves each day and celebrating it.

Kristy is always quick to respond with any and every question. Whether it is about fitness or just life with balancing family and friends.

Story time:back when things shut down, I went into depression mode. My gym had closed, my pool was closed, races got cancled and i had moved to a whole new city. My motivation to workout was barely existing. Even though I didnt want to I informed kristy of my downward spiral. Instead of telling me to get over it she gave me one of the best pieces of advice that I will continue to use throughout my life. She says "take the day off and feel you feelings. You need to process what is going on. It's a lot for anyone. Take time for you self. Do not bottle it up." I did exactly that. I took the day off... which is not my usual behavior. Here is the thing... that's was exactly what I needed. I needed that mental day. And she recognized it.

Every checkin, there is nothing but positivity and empathy. She acknowledges every form video, which is important for me to not injure myself.

I used to think eating 2000 calories was plenty. Le me tell you, as a triathlete, it's not. My carbs were up to 300 and I AM THRIVING!!! workouts feel better and I can lift heavier.

Friends and family have notice the positive change in my attitude and my physical form.

I feel good. I look in the mirror and I dont look for what wrong, where is the imperfection. Instead I see all the hard work I have done... AND IM PROUD.

If it a question of whether I would continue with Kristy, for more months the to come or train on my own. I wouldnt dare go back. I cant thank Kristy enough for how much she has physically changed me but mentally changed the way I view my self. She has taught me to LOVE MY SELF AND MY BODY!

Not to mention the whole DLD team has this mentality of building you up physically and mentally as well. They give you the tools, resources and power to take your life back and embrace the beautiful goddess that you are.

I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you kristy for being my coach and I look forward many more months working with you!"

-Cheryl Corvo

"I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago and my symptoms had only been worsening. My fitness goals were becoming more impossible to achieve. My body had stalled in showing any sort of progress (weight loss, muscle gain, etc). Not only did over 2 years of GI issues almost completely disappear in just 3 days of working with her 😱 but my hormones have shown massive signs of improvement (had a menstrual cycle after being without in over a year). I have also started losing weight again! She has been the most supportive and helpful person even out of the DOCTORS I have been seeing. They gave me what I learned were lazy answers and unsustainable ways of living (not saying that all are like this). I have gained so much from the very few weeks of working with Amanda. I finally after over 2 years feel the best I ever have- I have more energy during workouts and throughout the day, less bloating, no GI issues, and hormones that are stabilizing. I have so much more left to do with Amanda but 1000% trust her process and have confidence that she will help me get to where I want to be. She’s been an honest to god badass life changer😩🖤"

-Stephanie Maddox

"a little over a month now and as a previous DLD Nation client, Amanda truly listens and knows what she is talking about. I have a lot of gut issues and am trying to start a family and each week during check ins, Amanda takes the time to provide pointed feedback and suggestions for ways to improve my overall health/fertility. I had been feeling more tired and my hunger was on another level and Amanda took that feedback and switched up my macros. Within two days of the adjustment I was hitting PRs I never thought possible. Amanda’s dedication to her clients paired with the awesome Instragram content are only a few of the reasons why I love working with her. I am truly grateful to her and this team for everything they have given me."

-Angela Mallich

"I’ve just completed my first week with Amanda as my coach and it’s exceeded my expectations in every way. I’ve learned more about fueling my body in one week than two years of trying on my own-she personalizes all of the information around my issues so it actually makes sense to me. Amanda is thoughtful and funny. You can tell she LOVES her job and truly wants to help. I feel really comfortable, supported, and motivated for the first time in my journey. Thank you, Amanda!"

-Megan McInnis

"Jocelynn is incredibly kind and flexible in her coaching style, but not afraid to share some tough love if she knows you can perform better. As a Registered Dietitian she is very knowledgable in her scope, gives helpful advice, and does a great job of meeting you where you are at in your journey. When I first started workign with Jocelynn, I was reallt just looking for someone to keep me accountable with my nutrition. She has taught me so much more than I could have anticipated; not just about tracking macros, but my relationship with food and exercis as well as the fact that it's okay to love your body and still have physique goals" & "I'm super glad I made the decision to fire you. It's really hard sometimes staying motivated and you've never made me fel bad if I had a bad week. In the times where I was like 'what am I doing? This is so hard and time consuming to track every little thing', you made it feel more attainable and reminded me of my why in the first place, so thank you :)"

-Rachael Bomar

""I have known Jocelynn for a few years, and actually went through some nutrition classes with her in college. I did not continue on with nutrition like she did, and let me tell you - the amount of knowledge she has is phenomenal! I went into working with her with a good based of ideas about nutrition, macros, micros, etc, but the knowledge she has blows me out of the water! She is encouraging, so uplifting, and such a great problem solver. I have tried EVERY diet in the book with no lasting impact on my habits, weight, body composition, confidence, etc, but in the 6 months that I have been working with her, my relationship with food has completely changed for the better, I am significantly less stressed about holidays, vacations, and family get togethers, my body is changing for the better every day and she keeps me focused on ALL of my wins (which is more important than I could have ever known). She knows her strengths and weaknesses, and utilizes her other coaches in DLD to supplement areas where her clients need more attention. She is kind and wonderful and I will forever be grateful for getting to work with her.""

-Mikaela Monday