Why One Meal Won't Make or Break Your Progress!

Have you recently indulged or overate and it's giving you anxiety? Today we'll be explaining why one meal won't make or break your progress!

At DLDNation we empower you to create a lifestyle that is balanced, healthy, and sustainable - and that makes room for fun meals with loved ones. 👏  Keep reading to find out why indulging on occasion shouldn't cause you any stress ⬇️

If you're feeling anxious about a meal you had or an event you have coming up, let's put some things into perspective!

There are 365 days in a year. If you eat 3 meals in a day, that's 1095 meals per year. 1 meal divided by 1095 meals per year = .0009. If we multiply that by 100 we get a percentage of .09%.

Meaning, one meal accounts for less than 0.1% of your progress!!!

The effect of this meal on your overall fitness & health journey is therefore negligible! 🙌

Now, that doesn't mean you have to go all-out and indulge whenever a holiday, event, or fun weekend comes up. For some people, they want to stick to the habits they've created because that's what makes them feel good. For others, they want more freedom to enjoy food for this meal that they've worked so hard for, because that's what feels good to them.

Find what works for YOU, but know that one meal will not affect progress, so it's a waste of time and energy to stress about it!

In fact, not only is one meal negligible when it comes to overall progress, but this meal can actually be helpful on your fitness journey! For example, if you eat a carb-heavy dinner, this can help you recover better, hit PRs in the gym, raise leptin levels, lower cortisol, etc. It can also help you feel more food freedom.

If a free meal helps you have fun and stick to your protocols, then it's actually a great thing!

⭐Our Golden Rule⭐

Do what makes you feel good!

If having a slice of pie that your mom made makes your soul happy, then enjoy that pie guilt-free! But it's also okay to ask yourself what is going to make you feel good long-term in your fitness and health journey. One slice of pie may feel great, but 5 could make you feel sick and icky the next day! Be sure to check in with yourself and simply prioritize feeling good when making decisions around food.