Why Macros ARE that important for your goals

Have you ever wondered why you should even bother with tracking specific macros if total calories are what determine weight loss vs. gain?

Well get ready for a lesson.

Yes, tracking your calories will help you determine weight loss or weight gain, but it can’t guarantee a change in your physique.

That’s where tracking macros comes to play.

By tracking your macros, you are still determining weight loss or gain BUT with an optimization of fat loss and muscle gain 💪

You’ll actually start seeing a change in your physique because you can make sure that you’re getting exactly what you need for muscle gain/retention, brain function, and hormones.

So let’s take a look at how each macro is utilized in the body...

It promotes muscle protein synthesis to repair, build and retain muscle

It’s your body’s preferred energy source and it allows protein to be used for its intended job. It also lowers your cortisol, which is a stress hormone that can create a catabolic environment (aka a breakdown of muscle).

It regulates your hormones, helps with adsorption of fat soluble vitamins, and aids in mental clarity and focus.

Beyond what each does for you apart from the others, there are so many more reasons to care about macros.👇

➡️ Not enough protein can lead to fat loss AND muscle loss in a calorie deficit so consuming a higher protein diet is protective of your fat-free mass
➡️ Carbs are most readily converted to glycogen and stored in your liver and muscles for localized energy
➡️ Fast-digesting carbs used pre and/or intra workout can improve stamina, performance and strength
➡️ Protein has the highest turmeric effect of food of the 3 macros
➡️ Muscles filled with ample glycogen and water water can give you more muscle fullness, which helps you chase the “defined” look a lot of people seek
➡️ People who consume more protein in a calorie deficit report more satiety and lose more fat, making your diet easier and more effective

So -

If you want to actually change how your physique looks…

If you want to know you are eating for your exact goals…

If you want to feel and perform optimally…


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