Want to be your OWN fitness coach?

Are you one of those people who wants to navigate your fitness and nutrition journey ALL on your own??

If so, you’re not the only one…

I’ve heard so many people say "I don’t need a coach" I know what to do, and I can do it myself"

And listen, I get it.

If you know the science behind your health and nutrition, and you can keep yourself motivated to stick to a plan without the support of a coach, that’s AWESOME!

But are you really seeing the results you want to see?

And if you are, are you actually ENJOYING your workouts and your routine while getting those results?

I’d be willing to bet that after a while of doing this solo, you might be a little bored with your routine, or running out of ideas to spice up your workouts.

The thing I want to share with you is: you DON’T need a coach to see incredible results AND love your routine at the same time!

… I know, as a nutrition and fitness coach, that probably sounds crazy coming from me.

But we’re all about being 100% honest with you at DLDNation, and that is just the truth!

You may not need a coach to see results on your own, but what you DO need are the correct methods and habits to get yourself to where you want to be.

One of the biggest challenges people face while trying to manage their own fitness is coming up with their workout program - different exercises, how many sets to do, how many reps, what weights to use, AND on top of that, tracking it ALL to determine your progress. 🥵
It’s a LOT.

Luckily, we’ve created a super easy to use and awesome training app to help you with this!

Through the DLDNation training app, you will have access to custom workouts made for you every single day by our experienced coaches with sets, reps, rest, intensity, AND form videos to follow.

The best part - you can track your workouts and your progress RIGHT THERE in the app.

ALL you have to do is follow along with your workout and plug in the reps and weight you did, and the beauty of the app is that it will synthesize all your data to show you when you're getting progressive overload and hitting your PR’s.

Emphasizing progressive overload is absolutely integral to weight training and building muscle, and this app will help you do just that!

The only other options to track this are - 1. take giant notepads with you to the gym, or 2. use the notes app in your phone…

But if you do that, you will have to document every workout EVERY single day and you’re going to end up with sheets and sheets of data which THEN, you would have to synthesize and break down yourself.

That sounds like WAY too much unnecessary work.

Using our training app will make this 10x easier for you AND you’ll actually ENJOY your workouts again because you’ll have some variety in your routine!

If you want a FULL breakdown of everything that is included in our DLDNation Training app, check out this video.

We are stoked to be able to offer such a user-friendly, science based fitness application to help you reach your fitness goals while having an opportunity to be your OWN coach!

If you’re ready to level-up your fitness journey and get our customized workout programming individualized to your lifestyle - head here to sign up!

We know you’ll love it just as much as we do. 🎉

- Dala