Travel Tips From A Traveling Nurse

Whether you travel a lot for business or pleasure, you know that this can definitely be a barrier to reaching your fitness goals.

Barrier does not mean impossible. With the right preparation and decision-making, you can definitely still reach your goals as an avid traveler. 


Long Road Trip Tips:

  • Keep macro friendly snacks handy: jerky, pb fit and fruit, protein bars, rice cakes.
  • Make the most of your rests. Go on a 10 minute walk/stretch. Get in as many steps as you can.
  • Look up restaurants along your journey and choose the best option for lunch. Chipotle and Subway are very macro friendly options.
  • When you eventually stop for the evening chug down some water, there’s a good chance that you limited yourself to prevent extra breaks.
  • Stop early one/two nights and get to a gym. I keep a planet fitness membership purely for travel, as I can seem to find one anywhere.  Most gyms will offer day passes.
No way you can get to a gym? Bring dumbbells/bands with you. This way you can get a quick workout done in your hotel room. 

Airports/Flying Tips:
When you know your terminal, look up the restaurants at the airport and see which one offers food that supports your goals the most.
  • Pack protein heavy snacks: Protein bars, jerky
  • Get to your terminal early
  • Take a walk. If you’re going to be sitting on a plane for hours it won’t hurt to get your steps in 

Getting an Airbnb will usually allow you access to a full kitchen. You can  eat some of your meals at home (added bonus of saving some money too). Try to choose an Airbnb that is close to a gym you belong too or get a week pass.

If possible, try to get a hotel with a little kitchen or a mini fridge. Again, you can eat some of your meals here and make sure you’re hitting those protein counts. Check out the hotel gym situation.

What about those of us who take trips rurally/outdoors with no gym access?
  • Keep your steps up
  • Many backpacking meals are surprisingly pretty macro friendly
  • Protein heavy snacks
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Body weight/resistance band exercises.

What to pack in your bag:
  • Food scale
  • Resistance Bands
  • Dumbbells (if you’re traveling by road and won’t have access to a gym)
  • Supplements
  • Big water bottle 
  • Workout clothes/shoes
  • Lifting belt/grips/straps

Eating out at restaurants:
Many times the restaurants will have the nutrition facts on their website. You can then create a “quick add” on MFP and just put in the macros you’re eating instead of looking up individual ingredients
  • Ask for no/light butter, oil, cheese
  • Dressings on the side
  • Look up restaurants to see which ones have options that support your goals.
  • Try to get veggies in at each meal

Now you don’t have any excuses right?! Get out there and reach your goals while you’re exploring the world!