This could be keeping you from losing weight…

Today I want to talk about something that impacts weight loss for tons of people: Hypothyroidism.
Hypothyroidism happens when your thyroid isn't producing and releasing enough thyroid hormone into your bloodstream.

This manifests in a variety of symptoms, but most commonly we see:
➡️ Weight gain
➡️ Lack of energy
➡️ Hair loss
➡️ Constipation
➡️ Difficulty losing weight
➡️ Inability to tolerate cold temperatures

Our thyroid acts as a multi-tasker in our bodies- it regulates growth, metabolism, and other body functions by releasing a consistent amount of thyroid hormones into our bloodstream. ⁣⁣🩸
So what causes hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid? ⁣⁣
🔬 Auto-immunity⁣⁣
🔬 Pituitary disruption⁣⁣
🔬 Inflamed gut⁣⁣
🔬 Genetics⁣⁣
🔬 Nutrient deficiencies⁣⁣
🔬 Trauma⁣⁣
🔬 Medications⁣⁣

When our thyroid is being influenced by these factors ☝️ it makes sense that one of these culprits is causing the thyroid to become underactive and manifest symptoms.

Treating hypothyroidism:
When treating hypothyroidism, it is important to consider more than just your TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels!

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, ask your doctor to have your TSH, Free T4 and Free/Total T3, Reverse T3, and TPO/TG antibodies tested to figure out what is happening with your thyroid! 🙌🏼⁣⁣

⁣⁣If your TSH levels are out of whack, you can keep your hypothyroidism under wraps by managing your stress, getting enough sleep, and optimizing your diet and training! ✨

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