The trick to staying motivated 🤫

A real question I get asked all the time by clients -

“How do you stay motivated all the time?⁣”

HA!😂⁣ I’m not motivated all the time.

Not even close.⁣
But that doesn’t mean I don’t stay working though.⁣

Here’s my question -

Are you motivated to go to work every day?⁣

Are you motivated to pay your rent?⁣

Are you motivated to grocery shop? Brush your teeth? Run errands? Fold laundry? Keep up maintenance on your car?⁣

I highly doubt it. But you do it anyways, don’t you?⁣


Why do we ONLY ask ourselves about motivation when it comes to the health of our bodies, one of the most important parts of our lives?🧐⁣

Everything else we just do.

We understand that it needs to get done.⁣

We don’t question it - we just put in the work to keep life moving forward optimally and prosperously.⁣

But for some reason when it comes to health and fitness, we think it’s dependent on our mood for the day?

🚨Listen: If you keep bailing on fitness, you’re like the person on a dating app who keeps saying, “You know I’m just not looking for anything serious right now” when the truth is that a relationship (aka fitness) is simply NOT A PRIORITY.⁣

Wanna know what’s cool about your priorities?

You decide what they are. 💥

You make the decisions every day of every year.⁣

We need to stop blaming “motivation” like it truly has control over our actions. My examples above proved that the absence of motivation is no barrier for doing the work.⁣

Next time you catch yourself saying, “I just don’t have the motivation”...⁣

Have the courage to admit, “It’s just not a priority to me.”⁣

Don’t like that statement? Then change your behavior.

Like that statement? Well, at least you’re being honest with yourself now❤️⁣

Be the boss of your own life and stop making excuses. Put in the work.