The secret behind what makes fit people SO happy 😍

Why are fit people so happy??⁣

I remember thinking this one night during our client’s zoom call. We were celebrating a plethora of wins like:⁣

💪Going for that job promotion⁣
💪Wearing clothing they never felt confident in before⁣
💪Going back to school⁣
💪Making a career change⁣
💪Talking to strangers they normally wouldn’t⁣
💪Putting themselves out there on social media more⁣
💪Looking inward for happiness and not outwards⁣
💪Attracting better friends and relationships⁣
💪Getting into a new relationship⁣
💪Not giving af what others think of us⁣

And I got so curious...⁣

I asked them to help me understand WHICH part of a fitness journey they attribute all of these positive mindset shifts and life changes to.

And their answers were truly fascinating...

🌟"Seeing myself achieve in the gym gave me an achievement-based mindset for my entire life."⁣

🌟"Fitness opens up a place of self worth in your mind. You start going BECAUSE you’re so happy, not to try and make yourself happy after a breakup or something."⁣

🌟"Since getting more serious about fitness, I’m comfortable in my own skin and therefore am not trying so hard to get people to like me."⁣

🌟"I realized when I’m eating well, it improved my life so much that now I’m going to school to become a registered dietician and help other people."⁣

🌟"Seeing what my body is capable of in the gym made me start looking for WHAT ELSE I’m capable of in my life!"⁣

🌟"If I can do Bulgarians and look like a fool in the gym and get through it, then I have the confidence to contact my estranged biological siblings for the first time in my life."⁣


Notice how none of them even talked about the number on the scale.

No one spoke about fat lessor belly fat or thigh gaps.

So if you are still reading this, thinking fit people are happy just because their pants fit well, you’re so wrong.⁣

Fitness and HEALTH is an act of self-love every single day. Extrapolate that over weeks, months, and years.⁣

What in the HELL could you be doing with your life with months and years of daily self-love and reinforcement under your belt🤯⁣

WHO could you be!?⁣

WHAT could you do?!

Stop wondering and start discovering like our clients. Apply to our 1:1 coaching programnow to find out your full potential. 👊