The Reason You’re Feeling Frustrated

All the ladies out there, listen up.

Understanding where you are at and TRACKING your menstrual cycle is the key to overcoming frustration and optimizing your efforts in the gym throughout the month.

I’ve talked about this before but that just shows you HOW IMPORTANT this is so keep reading. 👇

Every woman’s hormones and menstrual cycles are unique, and the severity of symptoms can vary.⁣

💊 For women on birth control, synthetic progesterone and estrogen block ovulation, so if they experience a period during their sugar pills weeks it’s actually a withdrawal bleed and is typically lighter than a normal period.⁣

Many women chronically taking the pill report lighter PMS symptoms, but there are exceptions and some women report worsening symptoms.⁣

With that in mind, let’s break down how each phase of your cycle can impact your energy levels, your output in the gym, and how your body feels/looks  -

💪Follicular⁣ Phase
This is the time of month to capitalize on increased strength, energy, stamina, and opportunity to maximize gains in the gym. This is when you feel super lean, your appetite is normal without cravings, and you are ready to WORK.

😍Ovulation⁣ Phase
You still feel great and strong during this phase. However you are more at risk for injuring yourself during this phase than any other period of the month, so you must take EXTRA care with form and technique.⁣

😭Luteal⁣ Phase
This is most commonly understood as the PMS stage… Spikes in progesterone cause bloating, water retention, mood lability, and feeling of weakness and tiredness. Metabolism spikes cause hunger, cravings and even constipation for some. During this stage, the thought of lifting in the gym sounds HORRENDOUS for a lot of us. Remember that it’s okay to listen to your body to manage your symptoms. I wouldn’t recommend going for PRs this week so set appropriate expectations for yourself. 🙏

Typically the start of menstruation marks the alleviation of PMS symptoms for women! Hunger decreases. Energy increases. At some point during or right after your cycle, that extra 2 to 4 lbs will slip back off, and you start feeling more like yourself again.❤️⁣

You won’t believe the number of times I’ve had clients messaging me, lost and in complete despair, only to realize they are smack dab in their luteal phases. (And yes, we do track your cycle at DLDNation.)

So let me repeat: you need to start tracking your menstrual cycle.

If you want a recommendation, I like the Daysy fertility tracker, but there are a plethora of apps to help you track your cycle using your basal temperature each morning. This is cheap, non-invasive, and requires about a 1 minute time investment each day so there’s no excuse!

It’s time we start trying to understand our bodies and stop letting this constantly recurring phenomenon control us every month. Apply for coaching and we will help you get there!