The Protein Struggle

One of the hardest parts of following your diet plan can be hitting your protein macro goals but not exceeding your carbohydrate and fat limits.

We are here to help you!

Here are a few of our favorite easy protein swaps:

3 eggs = 5 egg whites
4 oz chicken thigh = 4 oz chicken breast
4 oz Atlantic salmon = 4 oz Alaskan salmon
4 oz flap steak = 4 oz of 98% lean ground beef
Fried catfish = 4 oz Ahi tuna
Go Macro vegan protein bar = Ghost vegan PB protein powder

There are so many other great swaps for protein based on your unique diet goals. Remember, you can still find ways to eat the foods you enjoy while maintaining your consistent plan.

As part of our client’s training package, we have full lists and resources breaking down fatty proteins, lean proteins, VEGAN proteins, and even breakfast proteins to help meet their macro goals!😍

And that’s just the protein help, our Macro Tracking Guide is a 45-page document with education on macros, meal ideas, fiber, sushi, spray oils, alcohol, condiments, common tracking mistakes, and even 15 macro friendly recipes (and growing)!😍

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