The DLDNation Holiday Guide Is Here! 🎄

Hey Zehra,
We're fully in the holiday spirit over here at DLDNation and that means one thing… The DLDNATION 2020 HOLIDAY GUIDE HAS ARRIVED!!!🎄❄🤶
These have always been for DLD members-only, but this year we wanted to make the guide available to everyone because we believe -

  2. You should be empowered to live your best life knowing it’s not going to detract from your goals 🙌
  3. You should not have to put your fitness goals on pause until after the holidays 🙌
  4. A plan can solve everything. 🙌

So we created a plan for you because that’s just how we roll.

❄ Introducing our 2020 Holiday Guide! ❄
Our holiday guide is over 75 pages and has everything you need to navigate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years!

Searching for DELICIOUS recipes for your holiday dinner?
We wrote over 50+ dinner, dessert, and drink recipes ✅

Need a workout plan with limited equipment?
We have 3 different workout splits for you - bands only, dumbbell only, or bodyweight only. ✅

Want some guidance during your travel?
We created a plan of action for you whether you’re driving or flying. ✅

Looking for some nutrition and mindset tips so you feel in control?
From tips on carefree tracking and structuring your meals for the day, to our secret to eating all of the desserts, we have you covered. ✅

Our goal was to make sure you had everything you needed to thrive during the holidays, and I can confidently say we delivered.

You can get our holiday guide for only $39.99.
We've essentially put together -
  • An entire cookbook 😅
  • Macro swaps for yummy holiday treats
  • Multiple workout plans
  • Mindset coaching
  • Traveling guides
  • ... and a whole lot more just for you!

So what do you say?

Are you ready to ENJOY this holiday season and experience zero guilt after?

Get your 2020 holiday guide to make this holiday season the best one yet.

- Dala

P.S DLDNation members - you know we got you. Your copy is already delivered to your group chats. 💛