The Biggest Secret to Self-Confidence...

As a health and fitness coach, I often get questions like -

“How can I get more confident?”⁣

“How do I overcome gymtimidation?”⁣

“How can I get more confident that I know what I’m doing with macros?”⁣

Everyyybody wants more confidence, but they’re looking in all the wrong places. 😞

You’re never gonna find confidence in:⁣
❌ Waiting⁣
❌ Overthinking⁣
❌ Consuming content ⁣
❌ Stressing about potential outcomes that have never actually happened ⁣
❌ Thinking there’s a more “right time” when conditions will be more optimal…⁣

You know why?

Because confidence comes from DOING, not thinking.

👉🏻 How does a musician get more confident in their ability to play a song without errors?⁣ They practice.
👉🏻 How does a professional Chef get more confident in making sauces? ⁣They practice.
👉🏻 How does a massage therapist get more confident in the massages they provide?⁣ They practice.

People. Who. Don’t. Practice. Don’t. Progress. ⁣

Successful people are those who are willing to try at something, in spite of the fact that they will likely fail many times before they get confident.

The real beauty is that in the trying itself, it’s always a win-win regardless of the outcome:⁣

Try and fail? This is how we learn. ⁣
Try and succeed? This is how we build confidence.⁣

So, how much more time do you wanna spend on the sidelines thinking, planning, fearing, waiting, and overanalyzing? ⁣

Are you ready to get in the mf game yet? ⁣

Because it’s ready for you. ⁣😏