The biggest lies the fitness industry loves to tell

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of nonsense out there in the fitness industry, which makes people think fitness is IMPOSSIBLE, COMPLICATED, and TIME CONSUMING⁣.

None of that is true.🙅

Here are the real questions: Are you truly willing to learn the right way? Can you ignore the latest fad diet, and learn about your body and its energy needs?⁣

I hope so⁣! So let me set the record straight. ⁣

Things you DON'T need to be successful on a fitness journey⁣:

❌ Extreme Hunger⁣
❌ Workouts every day
❌ Waist trainers⁣
❌ Cutting out your favorite foods
⁣❌ Dozens of expensive supplements⁣
❌ Any "get fit quick" scheme that they will try to sell you...

⁣Things you DO need to be successful on a fitness journey:

✅ Consistently following the same workout program
✅ Mastering the basics
✅ Following a balanced, nutritious diet (but still eating your favorite foods!)
✅ Challenging yourself to make progress every single day
✅ Understanding that your body will change with progress
✅ Results take time!!

The more you know about how to reach your goals in a healthy way, the less likely you are to fall for fitness myths that don't yield long term results.

To be informed is to be empowered, and that is what you really deserve.🙏👊

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