Take your at-home workouts to the NEXT LEVEL👊

If quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that at-home workouts can SLAY. Just because we’ve been without the gym for a few months doesn’t mean we can’t make gains from home, right? 😎

There are SO many ways to intensify a workout and using these techniques will SHOCK you, even at home with no/limited equipment!

💥Time under tension - Slow down your reps for more time under tension! (ex: 6 seconds per rep)
💥Eccentrics - Count 5 seconds on the eccentric part of the contraction. Tear those fibers down!
💥Supersets - Do 2 exercises back to back. This keeps your heart rate up and adds volume.
💥Drop sets - Drop the weight by ~30% and add more reps. This maximizes that pump and burn!💪
💥Higher rep ranges - If you’re forced to use ~60% or less of your 1RM, try going for higher rep ranges like 25-30.
💥Rest pause - Perform your reps, then pause for 15 seconds and go back for more!
💥Shorter rest times - Limit recovery and repeat the same intense demands on those muscles!
💥Training for technical failure - Take the set until right when your form starts to break. Recruit every last muscle fiber until you’ve zapped them all!

With the help of these techniques, our clients are reporting all-time levels of soreness and exhaustion.

So... what’s your excuse?

Get off your couch and let’s get to work! Apply for my 1:1 coaching today to crush your goals, whether you are back in the gym or not. 👊

Let’s do this,