Sumo Deadlifts

After many requests for more examples of exercises for a great leg day workout, here they are! 🥳🥳

Click here to see demonstrations of the CORRECT posture and pelvic positions for these exercises.

Poor posture and pelvic positions don’t just hurt your lower back, they:

❌  Will make you weaker in your lifts

❌  Make you struggle with mind muscle connection (when you’re not being to “feel” the muscle you’re working)

❌  Put you at a higher risk for injury

❌  Cause abdominal protrusion from a stretched and week core. It COULD be your poor form that’s making your belly distended, not necessarily a GI or bloating issue!

So how do you fix this?!

✅  Work with one of our team members who will review your training videos each week and correct posture, pelvic positions, and perfect your form so that your SAFE, not distended, and stronger.🥳💪

✅  When you have the correct form, sumo deadlifts are great for strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps! Add a few reps of these exercises to your next killer leg day.

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