Summer Vacations are Ahead... DON'T CRASH DIET

Summer is just around the corner. Even with the world slowly reopening, I’m willing to bet a lot of us are looking forward to a vacation or maybe even a short trip away in the upcoming months.

So now’s the time, after months inside, to start crash dieting and working your freakin butt off so you can look bikini ready, right?


Whenever I go on a fun vacation or a weekend trip away, the last thing on my mind is crash dieting.


I know that I don’t need to diet because I make my health a priority EVERY DAY. I don’t need to starve myself to love myself in a bikini, and neither do you!

Here is what’s really happening when you try to crash diet right before events or trips:

👎🏻You’re severely cutting calories or increasing cardio, leading to increased cortisol and stress.

👎🏻You’re mentally convincing yourself that you’re not good enough as you are, feeding into a negative body image.

👎🏻You’re ramping up hunger, almost guaranteeing an all-out food and alcohol frenzy as soon as the event starts.

👎🏻You are creating anxiety about a number on the scale and tying your value to a goal number.

👎🏻You are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself that you reasonably cannot meet, volunteering yourself up for “failure” and the disappointment that comes with it.

👎🏻You’re reinforcing absurd misconceptions about weight loss and ignoring the fact that even a perfect week should only amount to 2lbs of fat loss max.

But you still have a trip coming up… and you want to make a change.

So what should you do?

👍🏼Cut the yo-yo crap. Explore how you can achieve a healthy body weight and HEALTHILY maintain it year-round, so you are always bikini ready. 👏🏻

👍🏼If you don’t like the way you feel in your body, do something about it TODAY, not when you get an invitation in the mail and your anxiety skyrockets.

👍🏼Recognize negative self talk and say one positive thing about yourself for every negative thought you let slip. EVERY SINGLE ONE.👏🏻

👍🏼Eat like normal and exercise like normal. Then, you go into the vacation perfectly fed, happy, and balanced.

👍🏼Be an adult and ask yourself the hard question: Am I being a jerk to my body and self, or advocating for them? Then ACT on the answer accordingly.

Vacations and events are supposed to be FUN. Don’t go the rest of your life dreading them because you’re unwilling to put in the work to learn how to love yourself every day.


P.s. If you are looking for real and long term change that will ensure that you never have to crash diet again, apply for my 1:1 coaching today by clicking here.