Staying on Track While Traveling for the Holidays

It's holiday season and we know many of you will be traveling!

Do you have anxiety around traveling while on a fitness journey? You're not alone! We've ALL been there - confused on how to stay on track, figuring out how to prep food for travel, tracking while eating out, not being near our home gym, not having our usual routine - it can seem overwhelming! 😧

That's why today we're bringing you all the tips, tricks, and hacks for staying on track while traveling for the holidays! 🎄Traveling does NOT have to be stressful if you plan ahead and go into your trip prepared! We want you to feel empowered & confident so that this season you can hit your goals stress-free.


Flying & Roadtrip Tips

1. When it comes to macros, plan ahead! Eat a well-balanced, high-protein meal before leaving for the airport or before your drive. Bring easy, quick snacks like beef jerky, protein bars, dried fruit, tuna packets, and pre-made protein shakes. If possible, pack a cooler with raw fruits and veggies, wraps or sandwiches made with deli meat or chicken.

2. Movement can be hard on long flights or drives. If driving, try to take a 10-15 minute walk each time you stop! If flying, try to get out of your seat when possible to help with blood circulation.

3. Long flights or drives are a great time to work on your mindset! Listen to positive podcasts, read a self-help book, do journaling work, or simply take this time to relax! Holidays should be relaxing, not stressful! 🧘
Holiday Eating Tips

1. Do NOT stress or guilt trip yourself! Remember that one day will NOT make or break a fitness journey - it's all about consistency and what you do most of the time. Stress is far worse for your body than a piece of casserole or pumpkin pie!

2. Decide beforehand how to approach holiday eating. If you want to fully indulge on Thanksgiving day, that's okay. If you want to eat a mix of higher calorie foods while also making macro-friendly choices, that's okay. If you want to stay totally on track and hit your macros perfectly, that's also okay! It's ONE day, fam! Decide what YOU want to do and most importantly, feel good about your choice! 👏

3. Prioritize protein, fiber, and water! Foods with protein and fiber are very filling. If you eat adequate amounts of these, you will be way less likely to ignore your hunger cues or to overeat. Also be sure you are drinking enough water, and not confusing thirst with hunger.

4. Plan ahead! We can't stress this enough, especially if you want to hit your macros. Bring prepped food or snacks with you, look up restaurant menus beforehand, pre-track meals in MFP ahead of time, calculate homemade recipe macros (or make a recipe from our holiday guide!) etc. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to make choices you aren't comfortable with!



Movement Tips

1. Go for walks and try to keep your step count up!🚶‍♀️ Make it a family activity and use that extra food and energy to go for a long walk, go to a park, or run around the yard. Movement is SO important for both physical & mental health! Walking will help with digestion, burning calories, de-stressing, and so much more.

2. IF you want to, hit the gym! It's ok to take a day or two off, but it's also ok to train if that's a priority to you. Most gyms have a one-day pass available. While it can be intimidating trying out a new gym,
re-frame your perspective and see it as an opportunity to try out new and different equipment!


Setting Boundaries With Friends & Family

1. Sometimes the hardest part of holidays isn't hitting your macros or training, but trying to explain to friends & family why you're doing it. Be prepared in case someone doesn't understand your lifestyle or questions your choices. Instead of getting defensive or upset, consider using it as an opportunity to talk about why health & fitness is so important to you and how much it's improved your life! Or, if you prefer, you can simply state your boundary and not explain yourself. How you approach the holiday is YOUR choice and you don't need to explain your choice unless you want to.

2. While we all want our loved ones to respect us, we also need to respect them! Don't impose your choices on others or judge/shame them for their choices. Simply enjoy the precious time with your friends & family!