Shots To The Dome Episode 122: How To Become a Morning Person

If you've ever struggled becoming a morning person and want to make that habit change, today is your lucky day my friend! In Sean McDevitt's upcoming book, "Hack Your Health", he has a chapter completely dedicated to becoming a morning person and he's going to share it with you right now before the book releases!

So many of our DLDNation clients have expressed how life changing it has been to become a morning person even when it was tough in the beginning. There are a host of benefits that come with being a morning person and he will share them with you in this episode along with tactical strategies you can use in your life!

In this episode you can expect an Excerpt From Sean's Upcoming Book, Packing in the Morning, Wearing the Same Thing Everyday, Becoming a Morning Person, Gradually Change Your Bedtime, Nighttime Routine, Watching What You Eat, Preparing for the Next Morning