Newsflash… eyeballing your macros isn’t working.

Here’s the truth… people GREATLY underestimate their calorie consumption daily, leaving them feeling indignant and deserving more progress than they are getting. 

Even if you’re a tracker, things can slip through the cracks and leave you wondering WHY your calorie deficit isn’t working.

Read on to uncover 5 common tracking mistakes that could leave you in a surplus of thousands of calories every week.

Five Common Tracking Mistakes

  • Eyeballing instead of weighing
  • Example: 1 measured serving of cream cheese = 70 cals
    1 eye-balled serving of cream cheese = 112 cals

    This equals 294 extra calories weekly.

  • Not tracking your cooking oils
  • You may think your sauteed veggies at face value = 2P/7C/0F

    But once you factor in the oil you’re cooking in, you actually get = 2P/7C/12F

    This equals 588 extra calories weekly

  • Weighing meets cooked and tracking as raw
  • 5.4oz of raw chicken breast = 4oz cooked chicken breast

    4oz cooked chicken daily tracked as raw equals 44 extra calories daily
    This equals 385 extra cals weekly if you’re eating chicken once per day… if you eat it more than once per day… well, start multiplying. 

  • Not tracking veggies because “they don’t count”
    Even 3 servings of veggies per day for a week equals 651 extra cals from veggies weekly.

  • Not tracking creamers, sauces, milks, etc.
  • Black coffee = 0 cals

    Coffee with a “splash” of cream and a “dash” of sugar = 85 cals

    This equals 595 extra cals weekly

    Final Thoughts

    If you made each of these mistakes daily, that’s an extra 2,513 cals per week. No wonder you aren’t seeing the progress you want! 🤯

    And if you’re NOT tracking at all…. Well… it just gets 10x worse. 

    The good news: The DLDNation team is here to get you on track. Apply for coaching and never mess up your tracking again. 💛

    Let’s do this,


    P.s If you skipped to the bottom, here’s what you need to know. There’s a chance you’re not tracking thousands of calories each week and it could be messing up your progress. Start back at the top of this email to figure out what mistakes you might be making.