Need Help Calculating Your Macros?

If you’ve been working on your health and fitness, chances are you've probably tried a macro calculator at some point…

I definitely have.

For some of us, it's worked great and we saw progress, yay! ⁣

But for most of us (this girl included), the macros were way off, too low in calories, macro ratios were all off, we interpreted the activity level part wrong and messed up the result, and we were left feeling hungry, defeated, and more frustrated than before… 😭

That's because your body is not a machine.

It is SO different than every other human's body on planet earth, and it's impossible to think that a simple algorithm can take 6 data points, know everything about you and give you a perfect plan⁣!!

“But Dala, DLD has a macro calculator too, why would you have that if that’s how you feel?”

Great question!

We decided that if people chose to go this route instead of coaching, they should at least have a safe and reliable tool to help them…

We believe that helping people a little is always better than not helping people at all⁣!

For that very reason, we wanted to give you a free copy of our Macro Calculation Guide so that YOU can do this yourself and take the first step towards your goals. 🎁🎉👇

Yes, this is a great starting point…

But please remember: a macro calculation is purely a baseline test.

Those macros need to be evaluated and adjusted, based on the biofeedback from your body to ensure you are progressing while staying safe.

And NO, you’re not supposed to know how to collect or interpret biofeedback and make macro adjustments! Just because you own a car doesn't mean you're the mechanic to fix it⁣. 😅

If you truly want to learn about macros and how they can help you achieve your goals, consider making an investment in yourself to do it the right way.

Reach out to us today and one of our professional coaches can help determine the correct protocols to help you achieve your goals sustainably

You deserve that!  💪