Looking to get a toned, tight, and defined body?

I really wanna clear this up.

Many people fall into the habit of lifting low weight with high reps because they believe this will burn more fat and give them "tone" without getting "too bulky."⁣

But that's simply not the way this process works.⁣

Let me preface this by saying that it is 100% okay if you are not interested in growing your muscles.⁣

BUT if you think you don't want to grow your muscles and yet continue to say that you'd like to become more "toned", "defined" and have a "harder" or "tighter" physique, I gotta break something to you..⁣.

You want to grow your muscles. ⁣

Muscles can get bigger, smaller or stay the same. Period.⁣

They do not tone⁣.
They do not tighten⁣.
They do not define⁣.

These words are not verbs. They are adjectives used to describe the feeling and perception of muscles once they are built, present and obvious.

Do you exercise endlessly for months and years but still describe yourself as "skinny fat" (words I see often used in our new client applications)?⁣

Are you using progressive overload (i.e. progressively increasing the demands on your muscles overtime)?

Or do you avoid that because you believe that makes women bulky?😳

See, my issue isn't women embracing and loving their body type or whatever physique type they want to pursue...

My issue is the education gap that leads women to frustration, a lack of results and feelings of "why does this work for other women and not me?!"😩

I want to show you the real and honest ways to reach your goals💪👊

If you're working out at home, I understand that PO may not be doable for you right now. But at least you can have the education and empowerment to know how to approach your training when you snag some equipment for home, or when you start going to the gym.

Remember: Information is power!😁🙌

If you want customized help and a real human to help teach you how to train for YOUR physique goals, click here to apply for coaching. 👊