Intra Workout Nutrition: The Basics

Intra workout nutrition, what you consume (usually a shake) during your training session,  is something a person can dive into only once the BASICS are being executed well.

You need to have good control over your:

😴 Sleep⁣
🧘🏼‍♀️   Stress management⁣
🍏 Macros & Nutritional quality⁣
💪 Resistance Training⁣
👋 NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) and movement in a day⁣

If you are a PRO at all of the above, then you’re ready for the next level of performance and gains: we can perfect your intra workout nutrition. 🥳

You don’t need to stress about a pre-workout meal if you are utilizing carbs and aminos intra workout, just ensure it hasn’t been 3+ hours since the last time you ate.

Do not waste your money on branded chain amino acids (BCAAs), they are not the same as creatine, hexagen, and synthegen, which are more beneficial for improving your gym performance.

BCAAs do not contain all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) to adequately stimulate MPS (muscle protein synthesis). That’s why you need EAAs (sour gummy is my favorite flavor from Morphogen Nutrition! Use the code "dldnation" for 10% off!)⁣.

Do you HAVE to use intra workout nutrition to see good results?! No.

If you’re hitting your macros daily and 100% of your protein counts, intra isn’t mandatory to give your body what it needs⁣

Still, so many of my clients (and myself) report a noticeable difference in strength and stamina, especially from intra carbs.💪

Creatine is the most widely studied supplement in existence, proven time and time again to aid in gaining muscle, enhancing strength, and improving exercise performance. So even if you don’t use intra workout drinks, I would recommend consuming creatine daily.

If you are someone who workout fasts early in the morning, I STRONGLY recommend the practice of intra workout nutrition, because you’ve already fasted since dinner the night before, and could use the fuel.⛽️ ⁣

Have any questions about supplementation? Email and we’ll help!