Imagine a world where nothing can hold you back

“Your mindset is amazing, but I could never be like that.”⁣

⁣Honey, why do you protect the splinter in your foot?⁣

Doesn’t it hurt you?⁣

Doesn’t it make you sad?⁣

Doesn’t it hold you back?

The splinter is your negative mindset. It’s what’s keeping you from doing everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

It’s stopping you from running, dancing, playing completely uninhibited.

So you have two choices.

You can either:

Protect the splinter. Coddle it. Show it to your friends. Use it to excuse your behavior. Let it damage you and keep you injured, slow, and full of self-doubt. Pity yourself for it indefinitely. STRENGTHEN it by validating its existence day in and day out.⁣..


You can choose to take it out.

Yes, it IS that simple.⁣


It will be difficult at first. It will hurt for a moment.

But the release of pain once it’s gone is absolutely unparalleled.⁣

Recognize that at ANY moment, you have the power to pluck it out. No one is keeping it there but you.⁣

Imagine the world when it’s removed.

You can heal, rebuild, grow, flourish, run, jump, play, dance, sing!

Imagine what that version of you looks like. 😍

Imagine believing in yourself irrevocably, realizing and harnessing your power.👊

When a negative thought pops into your head (because it will happen), picture a splinter in your foot.

Are you going to grab the crutches or the tweezers?⁣

Happiness is worth the work. Happiness looks good on you. Have the courage to love yourself enough to remove your splinters and embrace the life you were meant to lead.