If you’ve ever hated trying on clothes, this is for you.

Have any of these things ever happened to you?⁣

You’re unable to be present during social events because you’re stressing about your food choices⁣.

You feel “soft” in your skin and it makes you uncomfortable⁣.

You stress walking into your closet because you feel like nothing looks good on you⁣.

You feel like you lack control around sweets or carbs - you can’t NOT eat one⁣.

Each morning when you’re walking towards the scale you’re ready for IT to decide if today is going to be a good day or a bad day⁣.

You are not comfortable in front of mirrors. You either avoid them or it’s only a place of self bereavement, never a hype-up⁣.

You have angst about intimacy and/or being naked. “Lights on” terrifies you⁣.

Food and exercise are more of a “how can I negate all this damn cake with x minutes of cardio,” as opposed to a balance of mediums to augment your health⁣

You feel like you don’t know how tf to achieve your goals. Like, WHY does everything on the internet seem to be conflicting data??

Well, I just got done describing exactly where I used to be in life, and where all of my clients start out at when they come to me.⁣

But you know what?⁣

Life doesn’t have to be like this.⁣

You can change your path towards empowerment and true freedom NOW.⁣

Inaction is a DECISION. Life doesn’t just happen to you because  you are in control of your actions and choices every single day.⁣

Don’t believe in yourself to commit or get results? Well, that’s because you are in a state of inaction.⁣

ACTION builds confidence. The reason you lack confidence is because you are not taking action. Trust me, I’ve been there. It doesn’t get better until you decide to start showing up for yourself and are open to change.⁣

I guide women through this exact process. I’ve done it for hundreds of strong, beautiful women, and I’m here to do it with you if you’re uncomfortable enough to change.🙏

Reply to this email and tell me what you’re struggling with. Let’s see if we can get you where you want to go.