I almost quit my fitness routine

I used to be addicted to cardio.

When I was at my lowest point in my eating disorder, I would run a minimum of 5 miles every day and eat next to nothing so that I could be "stick skinny".

After seeing fitness and nutrition influencers on IG talk about the benefits of weight training and counting calories/macros, I decided to give this lifestyle a try.

But, let me tell you…

Transitioning from being exclusively into cardio to weight training and eating more and tracking my food was NOT EASY for me.

In the beginning I would make these little concessions with myself to ease into it.

"Ok I’m going to run two miles THEN lift"

And a few weeks later...

"Alright, I’ll try one mile then weights today"

It clearly wasn’t a change I made overnight.

And honestly, I would still slip into these little behaviors of crushing a really heavy workout then still not eating cause I thought that’s how I would be skinny - burning all my calories then not consuming any.

(That is NOT how it works by the way)

It was really challenging to commit to a new program and push food especially as I was recovering from an eating disorder.

I was eating more protein than ever, and I felt fuller than ever which was incredibly uncomfortable at first.

Some of the new foods I was increasing gave me fullness or heaviness and upset stomach (all of which are normal).

There were so many time I wanted to say fuck it and go back to restricting and running!

I definitely wanted to quit at times.

But I had to take a hard look at myself and ask myself why I wanted to quit...

Was it because I thought that the methods of weight training and tracking food were not going to work and produce good results?


Did I want to quit because I was working through healing traumas and I’m overcoming self-limiting beliefs…

Was it more of an emotional personal development based issue?

I started to realize that SO much of a fitness journey is really a journey in personal development, building confidence, and building self love.

I choose not to quit, because deep down I KNEW what I was doing was good for me and even though I was having emotional struggles related to YEARS of believing bull 💩 science and fad diets, and YEARS of programming that made me prone to thinking one way…

I had to recognize that those triggers popping up were just part of the healing process and that I needed to push through!

As I kept going, I could see that the more I continued to push forward and continued to stick to my plan and believe in it...

The more GROWTH I was seeing, and the further in my past eating disorders, and lack of confidence, and lack of self worth were becoming.

I started to see the growth every single day.

So what I want you to take away from this is:

Sometimes when we want to quit the most, that’s the time that we need to push forward and keep going.

Those are the biggest opportunities for personal development.

It’s not an issue with your fitness journey.

It’s a self-limiting belief that you need to PUSH THROUGH, and work on, and commit to change, even if it feels hard and vulnerable.

Because that is when you are going to see the most growth, I promise. 🤍

So if you’re ready to push through your self-limiting beliefs…

If you’re ready to start seeing growth EVERY day…

Sign up for 1:1 coaching with DLDNation today and we can get you to the other side of that mountain you’ve been trying to climb by yourself!

- Dala