How you can get tight and defined abs and glutes 👊

Bulking was my ultimate f*** you to eating disorders⁣.

I absolutely LOVED hopping on the scale and seeing the number going up day after day. I just kept thinking, "YES!!! HELL YES!!! I AM CRUSHING IT."💪

I know many women reading this just cringed at the thought...⁣

But look at me here.

On the left, I was 146lbs. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and had to size up in my clothes....and I loved every inch of my strong, curvy body! 😍

I’m now 128lbs, an 18lb difference...

Sure, bulking is not for everyone. But an issue I see frequently for women is that they want to get "toned," "tight," "firm," "defined," and all that...

And yet the only way they’re willing to get there is through increased restriction and cardio. They think if they just lean out more and lose those last 5 to 10lbs, their bodies will magically reveal all of this tight muscle.

But the truth is that if you’ve never spent time FEEDING your body and using PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD, you haven’t built that muscle yet!!⁣

Even if the idea of a full blown bulk doesn’t appeal to you, spend some time at maintenance and focus on body recomp! (I have a full post on this and how to do it on IG👏)

Be willing to let go of your false beliefs that less is more.

When it comes to food and muscle, realize that LESS IS LESS and MORE IS MORE.