How to Get Back on Track!

Sometimes, we indulge, have a treat meal, or eat a little more than planned - and that's perfectly OK! Macros allow us to have meals and days off track without affecting our overall progress! Today we're going over how to get back on track after a few days of being off your routine. Whether you ate over your macros, didn't hit the gym, or just don't feel as consistent about your fitness & nutrition lately, this if for you! Today we're going to be sharing all our tips for getting back on track, without stressing yourself out! Stress is worse for your body than a couple days of inconsistency!
What Not to Do:

❌ 1. Do not stress about a couple days off track. Consistency > perfection, and stress is worse for your body than extra calories or lowered movement. On a fitness journey, we don't strive to hit all our protocols perfectly, but to be consistent most of the time. Use your energy to get on track, rather than stress!

❌ 2. Do not feel guilty. Guilt has no place here! If you ate more than usual, that is not something to EVER feel shame about. Instead, feel proud that this lifestyle gives you the space for balance & sustainability. If you're consistent most of the time, it allows you to take breaks and indulge a little without impacting your progress 🙌

❌ 3. Do not punish yourself by restricting food or over-exercising to compensate for increased food. This is a bad idea. It's not healthy and it won't speed up your progress - if anything, it might harm it by solidifying an unhealthy habit and mindset. Exercise should NEVER be a punishment for food - we exercise because it is good for our well-being! We also should NEVER restrict our food just because we over-ate. Simply focus on hitting your protocols.
What You Should Do:

✅ 1. Get back on track. It's truly as simple as this! The past is in the past and it shouldn't impact your results if you stay focused on returning to consistency and protocols. Start this week out by planning your days, meal-prepping, hitting the gym, getting good sleep, and taking care of your mental & physical health!

✅ 2. Crush some PRs in the gym! One of the benefits of a few days of indulging is your body is going to have more energy, particularly if you are in a deficit or if you ate more carbs than usual. See this as a positive - it can actually help your progress if you use that extra food to go hard in the gym and potentially hit PRs! 💪

✅ 3. Return to your normal routine. On a typical day, what was your routine like? How much water would you strive for, how many steps would you get, etc.? Lean on those routines, focus on those goals, and do whatever you normally would. Don't do anything as a punishment - simply focus on returning to the habits that make you feel strong, empowered, healthy, and confident. Seriously, that is ALL you need to do! 💜

We hope you found this e-mail valuable and that it helps you get back on track, crush your goals, and feel confident in your balanced lifestyle! 🥳