How To Fix Your RDL's


Are your RDL’s looking like 💩? Let’s fix that! 👇

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t be doing in your RDL:

❌INCORRECT❌(left side of the photo above)

  • Excessive arching in my back and anterior pelvic tilt
  • Excessive range of motion
  • Head cranked back
  • Low back & upper body doing most of the work
  • Not enough bend in knees
  • Initiating movement by thinking of forcing my upper body DOWN instead of pushing my hips BACK

✅CORRECT ✅(right side of the photo above)
  • Neutral pelvis & Spine
  • Head/Neck neutral
  • Proper Range of Motion (NOT forcing the weight all the way to the floor)
  • Knees bent adequately
  • Initiating the movement by pushing my butt towards the wall behind me
  • Utilizing my glutes & hamstrings instead of my lower back