How to be prepared For anything

What’s an Emotional Toolkit?!⁣

Well, you know those times that life comes out of nowhere and F's you up?⁣

Ruins your day?⁣


Are you prepared for those days?⁣

Or do they completely take you down?⁣

Do they cause you to spiral....🌀

Binge eat and completely blow up your routine?⁣

Self sabotage?⁣

Take it out on others..😢

If any of that resonated, it means you probably aren’t PREPARING yourself to cope with stress appropriately.⁣

🚨 THE HARD TRUTH: Life will always surprise you and fuck you up.⁣

That’s just life 🤷‍♀️

But you know what....⁣

You don’t have to lay down and play the victim every single time. That is a CHOICE.⁣

If you’re unprepared, you're planning to fail.⁣

Drop the pity party, and EMPOWER yourself with items from this list to make your own list. Write it in your phone, on a sticky note, on the fridge wherever works for you.⁣ Here are some ideas:

The next time life happens, put your list into action immediately to avoid catastrophizing your whole life and situation.⁣

Which of these works best for you when you’re stressed?! For me it’s:⁣
🔵Physical Touch⁣
🔵Talking to a friend or loved one⁣
🔵Outdoor time!⁣

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