How to be an Introspective Queen 👑

People who self-sabotage don’t ask themselves questions, they tell themselves statements.

Let me show you some examples of how to go from pity-party whiner to introspective queen. 👑

😞That person doesn’t like me⁣.
🙂Do I enjoy this person? Do they bring positive energy into my world? How can I connect with them?⁣

😞I’ve fallen off the wagon again, I always do this.⁣
🙂Is there a pattern here? What could my triggers be? Who could I talk to about this?⁣

😞I don’t like the way I look.⁣
🙂What’s stopping me from working out? Could I start small, walk more? Am I willing to make an effort?⁣

😞Nothing works for me.⁣
🙂Am I really giving this my all? Am I adhering 90% of the time? What could I do to increase my accountability?⁣

😞No one in my life supports me.⁣
🙂Do I surround myself with positive, inspiring people? Do I allow negative energy into my life willingly? Am I looking to others for permission instead of trusting myself?⁣

😞It’s not fair.⁣
🙂This situation sucks. What is the lesson I can learn? How can I implement what I learn and avoid this type of hurt again in the future?⁣

😞I’m too busy.⁣
🙂Could I journal for a few days, see where I could be wasting time, and improve my efficiencies? Then, I’ll have more time for things I want to do. 💡

😞I can’t do it.⁣
🙂I can’t do it today, but I am a resilient, adaptable human and I’m excited to learn how to do it.

Asking introspective questions is essential to reworking your mindset to one focused on positivity and growth.

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