How I overcame my eating disorder

When I was around 13 years old, I started to develop an eating disorder.

I was one of those girls, probably like a lot of women out there, who always thought I didn’t look good enough or wasn’t skinny enough.

I had severe body dysmorphia and a horrible relationship with food.

I thought…

💭Women weren’t really allowed to eat
💭Carbs were the enemy
💭And attractive women could never have things like lasagna or donuts or pizza.

This was my life.

I believed that this was just a women’s plight—that life was this tumultuous relationship with your body where you always feel fat, insecure, and bad in clothing.

Things started to change for me around age 26 when I randomly started using Instagram more...

I came across a lot of super fit and athletic chicks that were all gorgeous and confident as hell, AND they all ate a ton of food!!! 🤯

It was hyper perplexing because I’d come across their posts and stories and they were eating…

Cereal in the morning

And they looked great.

They were confident and full of positivity and powerful leaders.

The turning point for me was realizing…

“Ok, I’m not sure if they’re all just full of 💩… BUT the way that they’re living their life looks a hell of a lot better than how I’m living my life right now.”

SO I joined a gym, I found health and fitness blogs, and I dove into reading nutrition books and listening to nutrition audiobooks every day.

And you know what I discovered?

Those girls WEREN’T full of crap!

All of the sudden, I felt strong and capable in my daily life.

In consuming information about fitness I started to learn how carbs could actually fuel your body

I learned that: 👇

Carbs are NOT “bad” for you, they’re necessary!

They’re actually “glycogen” which fuels your muscles and helps do things like make your squats more powerful, your deadlifts better, and your pull-ups easier.

I started looking at my nutrition like:

✅ “What does my body need to be a badass in the gym”

And not just…

❌ “What’s the bare minimum I can have today to stay alive and not get fat.”

It was so empowering learning the science behind nutrition as it related to fitness and performance.

For the first time in my adult life, I started eating the correct amount of calories I needed in a day.

All the way up until my mid freaking twenties, I was probably eating around 1400-1500 calories in a day. Then discovered that a human my size should probably be eating more like 2100-2300 calories in a day.

I was pretty freaking amazed to discover that as soon as I started eating more food, my insecurities went away because my anxieties went away!

I began to realize that my anxiety, insecurity, mood, and all of the angst in how I felt, could actually be attributed to just being HUNGRY AF.

The constant state my body was in of anxiety and stress was because it was searching for freaking resources to stay fueled.

When I started eating properly I:
🌟 Had more energy
🌟 Slept better
🌟 Didn’t need as much caffeine
🌟 Felt sexier and way more confident

I was able to 100% heal from eating disorders, and body dysmorphia, and a bad relationship with my body.

By age 28 I didn’t have a single ounce of an eating disorder.

I felt super positive with food and exercise, and because I was able to take care of my body so much...

My mind and my life improved tenfold.

I got the confidence to put myself out there and try entrepreneurship.

And now look where we are!

None of that would have happened without fitness in the first place.

After I had that transformation for myself, I realized I had been living a lie since puberty that “women are just destined to feel this shitty their entire life”.

I learned that is completely untrue.

I decided I wanted to help other women feel this amazing, in control of their bodies, freaking happy, and FULL!!!

That is why I started DLD.

So, if this resonated with you, if you have a negative relationship with food, or if you are unhappy with your body right now… I want to show you how you can transform your life too.

Life is too short to live as a shell of who you are meant to be.  

Sign up for 1:1 coaching and we will create a customized plan that works for you, gets you results and has you feeling like the absolute best version of yourself. 💜

Life is too short to live as a shell of who you are meant to be.  

Don’t you agree?

- Dala