How can she eat SO MUCH and still lose weight??

I hear women all the time say, "My friend eats SO MUCH and still loses weight. It’s not fair that my body can’t do the same!"⁣

I’m sure you’ve heard something similar.

However, so many people OVERestimate their energy expenditure. In reality, their low activity level is the REAL reason they can’t consume as many calories as they want...⁣

Below, you can see just how much your level of activity can really impact how much you can eat...

  • No exercise⁣
  • Sedentary job
  • Around 2-3k steps a day or less⁣

  • Exercise 1-2 times per week⁣
  • Sedentary job⁣
  • Around 5k steps a day⁣

  • Exercise 3-5 times per week⁣
  • Sedentary to lightly active job⁣
  • 7-10k steps a day⁣

  • Exercises 6 days a week⁣
  • Active job⁣
  • 10k++ steps a day every day⁣

So how do you go from the far left to the far right??


This is SO IMPORTANT to understand.

With a change in activity level, the SAME HUMAN could consume as much as 700 more calories a day and still achieve fat loss at the same rate. 😱

Take an inventory of your activity level and track your steps if you’re seeking to eat as much as possible while achieving your goals.

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