Hey, I wanted to acknowledge you for...

Do you know how good you are at adapting?
Seriously. When was the last time you sat and thought about all the ways you have adapted in life to get where you are today?

What are you doing today that old you would never believe?⁣

Where are you that you would have never pictured yourself?⁣

What are you good at that you can’t believe you’re actually proficient in?⁣

Who are you with/who do you know that you never would have imagined you’d even like?⁣

And guess what?

You’ve been doing this your whole life.⁣

Every passing year, you are growing and evolving.⁣ You are always encountering new challenges and adapting.

You’ve adapted if you…
     🌟went to college
     🌟started a new job
     🌟entered a new relationship
     🌟dealt with a breakup
     🌟started a new hobby or interest
     🌟moved from one place to another

These are just a few of the things that make you SO incredible at adapting as a human. It’s one of your many superpowers.⁣

So don’t be a superhero without his/her powers.⁣

Resistance is your kryptonite.⁣

Embrace your magical abilities to crush adaptation, life change, and anything else that comes your way.⁣

Hit reply and let me know what next big challenge you’re taking on!

I’m excited to hear. It’s time you achieve that goal you’ve always wanted. ⁣👊