Here are 15+ ways you could be misunderstanding the scale.

You will not believe how often I see this every single week.⁣..

The sheer number of clients that are confused.⁣




🚨 Because there is a lack of education on what factors influence our body weight.⁣

Clients who come to me think that every 0.1lbs represents pure fat, and this leaves them feeling victim to the scale, letting it control their day and their perceptions of themselves and their progress.⁣

I’m here to tell you that there is SO MUCH MORE going on⁣.

Did you know that you could be up on the scale because…

🔵 you didn’t sleep as long as you normally do
🔵 you ate dinner later than usual
🔵 you woke up earlier than usual
🔵 you’re dehydrated
🔵 you consumed a salty meal
🔵 you consumed process/fried food
🔵 you’re stressed
🔵 you had a hard workout
🔵 you’re in your luteal/menstruation phase
🔵 you drank alcohol
🔵 you traveled
🔵 you had a cheat meal
🔵 you weighed on a different scale
🔵 you’re constipated
🔵 you’re sick
🔵 you’re inflamed from allergies of a food sensitivity


Life happens. Your weight will fluctuate. And a small gain on the scale is NOT a reason for you to start doubting all the work you’ve put in.

Tired of doing it on all your own? Do you have SO MANY QUESTIONS you wish you had answers to?! That’s why we do what we do.⁣

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