Hanah gained weight AND got the physique she really wanted! 🔥

Before joining DLDNation, Hanah struggled with body image and obsessed over losing weight…

At one point she even tried going to a weight loss clinic, which worked for a minute, but she ended up gaining the weight right back and realized it was an unrealistic way to lose weight and keep it off.

She was in a cut this time last year, working towards revealing more definition, and wanting to learn all the ins and outs of fitness and nutrition…

But when she started working with Coach Madison, it became clear that the amount of muscle definition she really wanted to see was going to come with gaining more muscle.

“After a lot of conversations about the process of different phases and how much she could benefit from every phase just as much as a cut, she dove in, fully committed, into a reverse diet.” - Coach Madison


Hanah told us, “I’m not only physically strong, I am mentaly strong and love the way I look. I cannot thank Madison and the DLD team enough for all the support and knowledge they have provided me over the last year!!”

Huge shout out to our girl Hanah, we couldn’t be more proud! 👏🎉

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