Frustrated that you’re not losing the weight?

Are you feeling down on yourself because you haven’t reached your fitness goals in the time you wanted?

This doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, it just means you are being impatient.

As a very general rule of thumb, losing 1lb weekly is healthy and sustainable.
Here’s what a weight loss timeline would look like if every week was executed perfectly:

5 lbs = 1-2 months
10 lbs = 2-3 months
15 lbs = 4 months
20 lbs = 5-6 months
25 lbs = 6-7 months
30 lbs = 7-8 months
35 lbs = 8-9 months
40 lbs = 10 months
45 lbs = 11-12 months
50 lbs = 12-13 months

REMINDER: this is considering every week is executed perfectly, which is actually quite unrealistic. When looking at your own timeline, make sure that you add time based on the number of holidays, life events, unforeseen interruptions (hello 2020), travel, and vacations.

The timeline above is an estimate and a minimum - use it to create your own timeline for your specific and current goals.👏 😍

It takes a long time to feel the progress, but it takes an even longer time to see it.

💜 Your body is not broken
💜 Your metabolism is not broken
💜 You need to be patient enough to make a long term investment in yourself

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