Feeling behind in life? Read this.

I'm shocked that this bothers women...⁣

TURNING 30!!! I just turned 30 at the end of August.

And honestly, I'm so excited to embrace 30! I've actually been telling people I'm 30 this entire year...something my husband (@fitnessshaman ) gives me crap for daily. ⁣🤣

Why do we, as women, believe some fallacy that there's a list of pre-reqs to turn 30??⁣

Nope, I don't have kids yet.

Nope, I'm not a homeowner⁣.

Nope, I don't have pets⁣.

Yup, I definitely made an entire career change and quit my "safe" day-job at 28-years-old.

Yes, I've got an amazing hubby, but Sean isn't the reason I am valuable as a woman. ⁣

F*** what society says you should be doing.

F*** expectations! Appreciate the hell out of your life, no matter where it takes you .

F*** "I'm so behind" mindsets. I hadn't touched a dumbbell a day in my life until age 26, I have zero business experience or degrees, and look at me now!

F*** "but my parents put so much pressure on me to do ____". You are the only person responsible for your thoughts, feelings, actions and happiness⁣.

What do you think my family said when I dropped out of grad school to become a Nurse Practitioner, and instead told them I was going to try and make money on Instagram? (mind you, I had $60,000 in debt at the time too...)⁣

And then only made $8,000 my entire first year trying? ⁣

Yeah, so stop making your choices based on approval from others. Approve of your damn self⁣👏

F*** "it's too late", you're only hurting yourself⁣.

I'm young as HELL‼️⁣

Barely 30% of the way through my life.⁣

I have endless opportunities and possibilities in my future, just like you!🤜🤛

I embrace every passing year and every passing day because it brings new opportunities to grow, learn, evolve, impact, mature, connect, and discover.✨

You know what WILL make you feel old?

Watching year after year pass by while you're standing on the sidelines, too afraid to go for what you want... ⁣

Too afraid to deviate from "society's plan," ⁣

Too afraid of what others might think.

How about you start asking yourself what YOU think? ⁣

You as a human are capable of autonomous thought and belief. Consider this your permission to use them🙏