Episode 146: Silencing the Inner Critic, Evolving Goals, and the Power of Heart Centered Coaching

This week (as this episode releases) is typically when you start to think about your New Year's resolutions, goals, and what you want in the next year. As you think about them, that inner critic voice is bound to creep in, telling you to lessen those desires and think more "realistically".
While that voice is meant to keep you safe, it also keeps you small. My guest today has done BIG things since joining DLDNation and while her initial goals were aesthetic based, her success and results have cascaded into other areas of her life!

Kailin Haugh is a Travel RN AND Assistant Coach here at DLDNation! In this episode, we discuss how Kailin fell in love with mindset (and how she hasn't missed a mindset support call since 2020), how she works on silencing her inner critic, her advice if you're on the fence about joining DLDNation, and more!