Episode 133: Trusting the Process After Trying Everything and Setting the Example for the Next Generation with DLDNation Clients Courtney & Kurt!

You're in for a love-fest and tear jerker in today's episode as we have two amazing DLDNation clients AND two of our rockstar DLDNation coaches on the call too (plus yours truly) on a new Shots to the Dome record 5 guest podcast to talk about Courtney and Kurt's journey!

Courtney admits she had initial skepticism when first joining as we first started her on a reverse dieting protocol to heal the years of chronic dieting she endured. She trusted the process though and ABSOLUTELY LOVES the body she is in now and guess what… the scale hasn't moved much. Transformation photos speak for themselves though and now her husband Kurt joined the team as well as they set the example for their family and two boys.


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