Episode 131: The Power of Solitude, Remaining Yourself Through Growth, and the High Self Behavior Exercise with Emily Duncan!

The desire for change can be an inner whisper or an all out shout from the universe but one thing is for sure: the only thing that never changes is change. A constant cycle of the death and rebirth of the Phoenix and many times, that cycle comes with the need for solitude. That solitude can be lonely but it doesn't have to be. My guest today is one of the most self-aware humans I know and talks about her experiences with growth and remaining herself through that growth.

Emily Duncan AKA Em Dunc is the CEO of EDF Coaching, Owner of Solasta the Label Jewelry, and an Enneagram 1 through and through. I'm so excited to finally have her on the show and, spoiler alert, will have to have her on again to dive down the rabbit hole ;) of some woo woo topics. Today though, we discuss her recent move to Austin, the "Higher Self Behavior" exercise, and how Emily incorporates spirituality into her coaching to teach her clients HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.