Eating more does not mean getting fat!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen that I’ve been sharing my reverse diet journey.
It’s because I’m SO freaking passionate to show women that EATING MORE FOOD DOES NOT MEAN GETTING FAT OR LOSING LEANNESS AND DEFINITION!!!⁣

When your body changes, it can be scary and confusing for you. But, if you endlessly live in a deficit, you WILL have to pay the consequences eventually.

If not today, then those consequences will come when your body needs the fuel, but just isn’t getting the energy it needs.

Don’t let your hormones, metabolism and menstrual cycle suffer.

If you’ve been dieting as long as you can remember, PLEASE commit to a reverse, and take care of your body.🙏

Depending on your starting body fat percentage, diet history and overall health, you should NOT be dieting longer than 4-5 months without a break.

I’m speaking to the women who have been eating 1400-1600 cals a day for as long as they can remember...YEARS!😰

And this can definitely lead to health problems that you were not expecting...

I never saw my thyroid problem coming, and we believe my low thyroid function is more than likely stress related, but part of my prescribed protocols for helping it recover (in addition to many lifestyle changes) is CARBS!!!!⁣

I’m additionally having 2 days a week at 280C in my protocols, to promote and support my thyroid function.

Key takeaway: CARBS ARE YOUR FRIEND!!!⁣

Don’t feel like you have to make crazy food sacrifices just to stay lean.😉

Maybe you’re in need of a reverse now, or maybe you’re thriving in a cutting phase and a reverse is in your future someday.

Either way-EMBRACE THE REVERSE and enjoy every step of the amazing process.🤩⁣

If you think you could use some help understanding your calories, click here to join the DLDNation fam and work with experts who can help you.💜