Eat more food without gaining weight

Let’s all please remember that reverse dieting is used to get your body back to maintenance!

This means that:

✅ You SHOULD be eating anytime you are not attempting a dieting phase⁣.

✅ You do NOT gain weight because you are not in a calorie surplus.

✅ Your body NEEDS normal metabolic/hormonal functioning for optimal health.

My good friend Joelle (@joellesamantha) said to me the other day that "Dieting is controlled starvation," and it’s true.

It can be okay if done correctly, in the right doses, and with the right individual, but let’s not glorify your calorie deficit like it’s supposed to be your new normal.🤮⁣

I am team calorie deficit, for the right person. For an overweight or obese human, a calorie deficit can actually massively improve health.👏


The goal is NEVER to live in a deficit forever.🙅

Chronic dieting can lead to health problems that are far worse than being in a caloric deficit.

In DLD, we always have some clients in deficits, and many in reverses⁣.

Maybe because they’ve achieved their goals fully, woohoo!⁣

Or maybe because we are health advocates, and sometimes YOUR goal and your BODY’S goal are different, and we must listen to the biofeedback.🙏

I’ve told a number of clients whose goal is to lose weight that we must increase calories for their health (aka reverse dieting). Thank goodness these amazing ladies trust me, and realize long term health success matters far more than the next 5lbs sometimes.

The decisions you are making today have implications for your future metabolic identity, health, fertility, and hormonal function⁣.

If you don’t know where you are on your nutritional journey or what the best option is for you, my team can help and provide that answer and guide you towards making the right decisions.💕

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