Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight

“You can’t eat carbs if you want to lose weight.”

Too often I’ve heard this phrase tossed around casually in nutrition and fitness groups. And it’s because so many people are STUCK in this mindset that one slice of bread or a few crackers is going to ruin any chance you have reaching your goals.

Seriously? How many times do we have to say that carbs are NOT the enemy?⁣

Here are some facts if you don’t believe me:

👉🏻Carbs are the body’s preferred energy source⁣.

👉🏻Carbs are the macro most readily converted into glycogen⁣.

👉🏻Carbs, both pre- and intra-workout, improve performance and stamina.

👉🏻Intra-workout carbs elevate insulin, which can counteract the catabolic effects or cortisol and other stress hormones⁣.

👉🏻Carbs include all fruits and vegetables, which are your main sources of micronutrients and antioxidants, and increase your plate volume with the lowest impact on your calories⁣.

👉🏻Nutrient deficiencies due to a low-carb diet can contribute to abnormal menstrual cycles or amenorrhea⁣.

👉🏻It’s really freaking hard to get 30+ grams of fiber in a day without carbs⁣.

👉🏻Carbs boost the immune system and are your best friend when you are sick.

👉🏻Carbs aid in healthy thyroid function, as glucose is required for the conversion of T4 to T3⁣.

👉🏻Carbs are a staple in our diets and going out of your way to avoid them because you believe they are stopping you from weight loss will only create stress and further frustration⁣.

So you want to lose weight? That’s great. Eat in a calorie deficit, eat a high protein diet, and focus on a diet that balanced in micronutrient profiles, healthy fats, and carbs.⁣

Are you done being a woman that has panic attacks if she wants to eat bread? Apply for coaching today, and we will teach you how to achieve your dream physique eating carbs the whole way. 🥳

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