Do you know what TDEE is?

Today we’ve got something special for you...

We’re going to dive into the FACTS of Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and break it all down! 👇
TDEE is the total number of calories you burn in a given day⁣.

(Please note that in the below education, we are considering healthy individuals who do not have hormonal imbalances or medical conditions that would influence TDEE)⁣

TDEE for individuals who are sedentary to light active is comprised of: ⁣

✅ 1. Resting Metabolic Rate (Resting energy expenditure):

This is the energy you expend when your body is at complete rest, the minimum level of energy that we need to keep the body alive. This accounts for about 70% of the body's energy expenditure⁣

✅ 2. Thermic Effect of Food (Non-resting energy expenditure):

This is the increase in metabolic rate after the ingestion of a meal. Eating food takes work and expends energy. TEF accounts for around 10% of TDEE⁣

✅ 3. Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (Non-resting energy expenditure):

Purposeful exercise. This makes up about 5% of their TDEE⁣

✅ 4. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (Non-resting energy expenditure):

This is all of your daily movement that is not purposeful exercise (for example: walking, cleaning, throwing the ball with the dog, etc.) ⁣⁣

So what about for moderate to very active individuals?!⁣
  • EAT is as high as 15-30% of TDEE ⁣
  • BMR can be 60% or lower of total TDEE ⁣
  • TEF is 10-15% of TDEE (because more active individuals have higher TDEEs and consume more food daily) ⁣

Example: Sally's TDEE is about 1800 calories if she lives a sedentary lifestyle, but it is 2500 calories if she is highly active. The percentages break down like this: ⁣

  • BMR is 70%, or 1260 cals ⁣
  • NEAT is 15%, or 270 cals⁣
  • TEF is 10%, or 180 cals⁣
  • EAT is 5% or 90 cals ⁣

  • BMR is 55%, or 1375 cals ⁣
  • NEAT is 12%, or 300 cals ⁣
  • TEF is 10%, or 250 cals⁣
  • EAT is 23%, or 575 cals ⁣

PHEW… I know that was a lot of info…

So what’s the main takeaway here?

Exercise, eating more and increasing your NEAT can increase your metabolic capacity and allow you to consume more food in a day than you would be able to in a sedentary lifestyle.

Everything counts, and even marginal increases in activity can help you get to a life and eating style you enjoy even more! 🙏🏻

So a few (or maybe a bit more) steps a day can really help keep the doctor away! 😉

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Education is power babes. 💪🏻

- Dala